LIMP BIZKIT Frontman Offers Update On New Album And Video

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Hey people, wake the fuck up!!! It is now time to put this new LIMP BIZKIT CD in a package and ship it out!! We have put together sixteen tracks for your absorption. We have lots of songs that we didn't put on this CD, but those will be soon to follow. I've spent the last couple weeks figuring out the sequencing (order in which the songs go) and I have to tell you that it was a pain in the ace. I didn't want to put all the heavy songs beside each other or one heavy, one not heavy. I wanted to make a complete journey from beginning to destination. It feels good. It also might take a couple listens to really understand, but those types of CDs were always my favorites anyway. These songs tend to grow on you the more you listen. My meanings for the songs and subliminal approaches to serious things in my life will surface the more you listen.

"The first single, 'Eat You Alive' [listen to the track here], is now playing on the radio in some places. It's a serious song about my desire for particular women folk. It is a bit aggressive, but very heartfelt in my own sick way. It is unlike any song on the rest of the CD, but so is every song on the CD. None of them have the same feel. Kinda like QUEEN. Sometimes I feel like LIMP BIZKIT is like QUEEN in the sense that we have such a broad songwriting formula. In no way do I feel as if we are anywhere in the ballpark as good as they are.

"I just finished editing the video for eat you alive and I directed it also. It's a backwoods approach to courting a woman. I kidnap the woman of my desire (Thora Birch) and bring her deep into the woods where I have prepared, in my mind, a beautiful performance area for her. I am hoping it will show her how much I want her and actually really like her. It's just in a sick sorta way. In the meantime, her father (Bill Paxton) is hot on my trail and will not let me have anything to do with his sweet innocent daughter. He's rounded up some of his backwoods boys and hound dogs to get hot on my trail. Once he finds us in the woods, he realizes that she is somewhat feeling the same way for me and he freaks out. His disappointment towards her and his hatred towards me makes Bill Paxton's character quite the sick fuck in the whole scheme of things. When you see the video you can draw your own conclusions. I used Thora because I've always had a thing for her in real life. She is a wonderful person. It was like a dream coming true to have her as my kidnappee in this video. If only the video would come to life, without the kidnapping of course. that would be tight!! Anyway.... hopefully it will be on MTV so you can see it. I went for a dirty, unpolished approach instead of a glossy, hyped-up, over-the-top approach, LIMP BIZKIT is raw and ready for ANYTHING ANYBODY has to throw at us. Bring it on!!

"And one more thing. We're doing a free show in London and it is gonna be so dope!! We can't wait. We're gonna head over on Aug. 28. I hope you can come if you're anywhere within reach!!

"It's official, September 23 is the day. If you feel like you want to raise the bar a couple of notches then that's your day to get the new LIMP CD. Also, the new site will launch a few days before the album. I found a sick web designer named Tazl from Germany to bring it to life. You're gonna be stoked!!

"So I'm off to Seattle today to play with METALLICA then back to L.A. It's on people. It is so on!! Talk to you soon."


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