FEAR FACTORY: New Tour Report Posted Online

FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell has posted the following tour report on the band's official web site:

"Aussie, aussie, aussie! OI, OI, OI!!!

"The Big Day Out in Melbourne had the biggest turn-out on record. The grounds were teaming with people, like army ants en masse. It was really something to see. We went onstage at 12:00pm (not very rock and roll) to see that the entire ground was full. I was told later by an administrator of the BDO that they have never had this many people show up this early to see a band!

"It was Australia Day, a national holiday where everything was closed, even Starbucks was closed! Apparently, word got out from Sydney that we were the special, mystery guest, and the fans showed up to pay respect to FF. It was really amazing to see the fans again! The set list was the same as the first Sydney show, and despite the early slot, we had a really great time. The crowd was very receptive, and was singing along to the all the lyrics! There was a guy against the barricade, holding up a huge banner of the Aussie flag, with FEAR FACTORY spray painted on it. I saw another guy crowd surfing, and as he was helped over the barricade by security, he had the largest 'Demanufacture' tattoo I had ever seen!!! It looked fucking amazing! It took up his entire back! Christian and I looked at each other at the same time, with the look of disbelief on our faces.

"The set is getting tighter, with every gig that we play. Byron is getting his groove on with the music, and he seems more and more comfortable with each passing show. We have been having so much fun playing live!

"Our set was over at 12:40pm. THE DARKNESS went on stage after us, on the opposite stage. I went to the dressing room to change, and get my drink on, and headed back to see THE DARKNESS. I watched them from the side of the stage for awhile, and I had a good time listening to them. They are definitely archetypal of the music that they are influenced by, and they pull it off really well. How does Justin sing like that? It's really amazing to hear him sing, and I heard him sing one of the best lines in a rock song that has possibly ever been written, 'get your hands off my woman, mother fucker!'...awesome!

"It reminds me of BAD COMPANY song when Paul sings, 'baby, let me ease your worried mind.' I don't know where that comparison comes from, but that is how my mind works. Anyway, I thought THE DARKNESS were fun to watch and to listen to!

"I had the opportunity to wander about the grounds of the BDO, and check our some other bands again.

"I had heard much about the band BLOOD DUSTER, who are from Australia, and so I wandered to their stage. The place was incredibly packed, and it was difficult to get through, but I persevered, and had finally saw what the deal was. They are quite sick, and fucking heavy. All of their songs seem to be about 1minute long. They have killer riffs, and sick vocals, and when you're ready for more, the song is over. I met Matt from BLOOD DUSTER, and he is one cool motherfucker.

"I watched THE DANDY WARHOLS play their set, as I sat on the side of the stage for this one. They change their set for every show, to keep it interesting I suspect, and today, they played their version of 'Hell's Bells'. I love this version because it is such a great rendition. It reminds me of LOVE AND ROCKETS, and that is killer. I was already buzzed, and that song really puts me in a mood. Their entire set was killer, and it was great to see them once again.

"I then embarked for the treacherous journey to the green stage to watch THE MARS VOLTA. Holy shit, the grounds were packed, and I finally made it to that stage. I watched out front, and damn! Those guys are awesome, and really tight. The music is very progressive. I had not heard the album yet, but I have to get it, because they put on one hell of a show. I can see what the big deal with that band is. After they were done, I walked to my dressing room backstage, and they had a van ride. Today, our dressing rooms were together, so I had a chance to hang out with those cool guys.

"That is the best part of playing this festival, I get to be a music fan, and meet the bands that I like to listen to, and would like to know. The best way to get backstage is to be in a band playing on the BDO!!

"I went to a tent called The Boiler Room to check out THE APHEX TWIN. The tent was packed with people, and there were video screens so that you could see what was happening on the stage. The music was pumping, and the bass was making my intestines tremble. The sound was really good, but, .... I have to say, I was not on the proper stimuli to enjoy the set because it was not very fun to watch a couple of guys on a stage tinkering with laptops. C'est la vie,...I left to go watch METALLICA again.

"Of course, they were awesome. I watched from the front, standing next to this bungee ride. The sun was setting, people were screaming from the force of the g's they were pulling. During 'Sad But True', the sun hit the clouds with a blood red effect. It was as if I was in a movie. When the song was done, the sky went black....they must be in cahoots with mother nature...

"Backstage, I ran into Lisa (I can't spell her last name) who sings for one of my favorite LA bands THE BELL RAYS. I said, 'What the hell are you doing here?, she replied, 'What the hell are you doing here!'

"She is on tour with the band BASEMENT JAXX, because she sings on a couple of songs on their new album, and is in the video. She is so awesome!! THE BELL RAYS RULE!!!!

"Christian and Byron and I met after the METALLICA show, to get a ride back to the Hotel. There was an aftershow party that we wanted to go to, and so, off we went.

"Like usual, we were the first to show up, I always arrive too early, but fuck it, because the drinks were free, and there was no waiting! We perched ourselves in the best spot, and watched the entire BDO crew walk through the doors. OH, that was a good party! Every band was there, even METALLICA!!!! I got to chat some drunken words to just about everyone! From SLEEPY JACKSON, to THE KINGS OF LEON, and the STROKES!! I even had a glass of champagne with Kirk Hammett. I know I sound like a freak, but I like all sorts of genres in music, and there were a lot of killer bands on this tour. There is really no comparing the BDO, to any festival in the world. Not only can you play in AUSTRALIA, you can see some really cool bands, and for me, I can be a fan as well!

"Next report is from SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, where the KORN shows begin. ...Nothing else matters..."


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