Former ANCIENT Singer DEADLY KRISTIN Talks About Her Departure, Upcoming Projects

Former ANCIENT singer Deadly Kristin has posted the following message on her official web site:

"Hard to start a new section of news when I have been absent for so long! Events and drastic changes in my life piled up in a crazy mess and it’s not easy to choose where to start.

"I moved from Italy to the USA, from Seattle back to Europe for a last and successful final tour with ANCIENT, and then moved again, currently residing in Sweden.

"I guess most of you wonder why I decided to end a 6-year long co-operation with my beloved band ANCIENT and call its quit. The decision was suffered on both parties but absolutely necessary. The situation with ANCIENT was not the happiest in the last two years, having not only Jesus but also me living in another continent. That made it basically impossible to work together on the new album and the new songs.

"When living in Seattle I joined a local metal band named BYAXIS with whom I sang for 3 months and recorded a demo that unfortunately was never released since I was forced to move back to Italy and could no longer be part of the band. Back in Europe we immediately left for a tour in the eastern countries, that was a final great and fun experience with ANCIENT. Right after that tour I moved to Sweden and this decision dramatically compromised the future with ANCIENT. I could have recorded the new album anyways, but it wouldn't have made sense since I cannot be there with the rest of the band on a daily, steady basis and join them for tours merely only on and off. I really feel bad about all this, because I LOVE the music of ANCIENT and I am attached to my band members after all the fun and the experiences we shared in all these years. I miss being on stage or just in the rehearsal room with them, but sometimes life takes its turns and not always what seems negative really is bad in the end. If I look back at my past with ANCIENT I sure see a lot of energy, a lot of satisfaction, fun, good moments but also frustration for not having all the space in the band that I needed and very limited artistic freedom.

"I always wanted to have a bigger part in the band and contribute more with my ideas, have more vocals, but it was impossible since my parts were basically just fills-in. Even the lyrics that I was writing sometimes were not even read. That didn't feel very good. I believe in a band every member should have equal rights and a chance to express their ideas…and in my case it was not really possible. I don’t blame the guys anyways. As I said I had a great time with them and all of them are excellent musicians. If I could go back I would go for this musical journey with them again.

"My limited freedom in the band and the need to express myself artistically were the reasons why I always worked on my own small side projects and made music on my own.

"I believe the music I made with DREAMLIKE HORROR (mine and Aphazel’s horror atmospheric project) is really beautiful. We recorded this promo CD with 5 songs which is so rich in atmospheres, so intense. It was never released because we never really looked for a deal. Aphazel's priority has always been ANCIENT and all the rest was always postponed. As far as me I honestly never really cared of getting it launched on the market. It's a project that I created for myself, for my own ears, my own satisfaction and it wasn't really meant for the outer world. In these years I have been having many requests for the DREAMLIKE HORROR CD, I wonder if it's maybe time to try to get it released. I believe we have material for a full-length album.

"Talking about other projects… as far as the death metal one FROZEN SOUL, is now based in Sweden and we have been having some major line up changes. We have enough material for a promo CD, but we need to stabilize the line up first. I am not sure in what direction I want to go with this project as there is plenty of very good death metal bands out there and lately I don't feel very involved in this genre anymore. I still like it but maybe I have too many hours of growling behind my back and feel like trying something new. Well we will see what will happen in the next months.

"Talking about doing something new, I have been doing some vocal parts on several trance tunes made by my beloved brother Lord Kaiaphas, which turned out absolutely great. I will ask him for permission to upload samples of them as mp3´s, which would be cool 'cause all those songs kick ass.

"Furthermore, I have another trance-like project called NOCTEM DK, which stands for Noctem and Deadly Kristin, where Noctem is the name of my buddy, who absolutely is the most talented and creative keyboardist I ever met. We recorded a song called 'Chained to my Heart' a sample of which will be uploaded as mp3s in the next weeks. We will work on more tunes shortly."


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